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How To Solve Your Work-Family Conflict with Conversation

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Is family a source of career conflict for you? Stew Friedman, the world’s leading work/life integration expert, would take that bet. But more than ever, he says, it’s not spouses and children causing the most angst – it’s mothers and fathers…

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Guy Hoffman

Guy Hoffman isn’t just a world renowned roboticist – he’s also an animator and a musician, two talents among many that enable him to invent better, friendlier robots. He’s leading the innovation for and the movement toward integrating robots into people’s daily lives.

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china cars

Why Uber’s China Loss Will Actually Be a Long-Run Victory for the Company

By Arun Sundararajan, Ph.D.

At first glance, the acquisition of Uber’s China operations by Didi Chuxing may seem to deal a significant blow to Uber — a scaling-back of the company’s bold global ambitions. But a closer look at the agreement suggests that the outcome is actually a victory for Uber’s investors and a lesson for tech entrepreneurs, about balancing aggressive ambition with pragmatic pivoting.

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